Vidyut Kulkarni

Visual Designer / Painter / Photographer / Sketcher

Vidyut’s work speaks of a fantasy of bright hues mixing into one another, creating an ambience in our mind, taking us away from the day to day monotony and repetitiveness by presenting a world of exuberance. Her paintings suggests it is both the mental and physical space that one occupies. Myriad textures and hues show a rebellion of another kind where her mind chooses to fantasize about another world apart from hers. It is her way of finding that which creates a sense of solace, within herself or the viewer.


Paintings & Illustrations

Urban Sketches

Wanderings in the city and travels to other cities create impressions on the soul. These representations on paper or canvas with ink, watercolors, acrylics or charcoal point at the subject in its simplicity, clearing out the noise around it to bring out its visual strength.


Paintings by Vidyut

“Name Frames” is a personalized identity for individuals or family. They are calligraphic delights responding to the mane and the script. Research on stroke orders forms the basis of these joys used for owning or gifting.