Mauyresh Shirolkar


An architect by profession, here I have just changed my medium. My perceptions and my expressions define my art. I love creating visual splatters in interior spaces for those who love my creations. Minimalism excites me.


Paintings & Illustrations

Ink on paper

Wanderings in the city and travels to other cities create impressions on the soul. These representations on paper or canvas with ink, watercolors, acrylics or charcoal point at the subject in its simplicity, clearing out the noise around it to bring out its visual strength.


Name Frames

“Name Frames” is a personalized identity for individuals or family. They are calligraphic delights responding to the mane and the script. Research on stroke orders forms the basis of these joys used for owning or gifting.

Sketches & illustrations


S’mugs is a set or individual mugs that are sketch translations of Pune’s ethos. They can be for visitors going back after experiencing the city or for remembrances of the city’s dear ones who have settled in some places away, but miss it dearly.