Atul Manohar

Artist, Sculptor, Designer

Atul is a designer at heart. He has explored variety of art mediums. Acrylic paints on MDF, and paper Mache is the latest medium he is exploring. He loves working with MDF, building sculptures. He has explored digital art as well. This is a brief portfolio of his works.


Art Category

Abstract Sketches

Professionals spend a lot of time on conference calls, when the calls have many participants, and drag for long times, Atul's hands automatically start working on whatever paper, whatever available tool. Here are some examples from his random sketches

Art Category

Acrylic paintings on MDF

Medium Density particle boards give a great surface to start paintings. 3D objects created with either carved and crafted MDF boards, or forms built with paper Mache, add the third dimension to the painting.

This composite medium has a lot of flexibility in terms of texture, surface and 3rd Dimension to the artifact.

Here are a few such explorations with the above said mediums

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Digital paintings

Computers have revolutionized almost every field on earth. Most artists also explored this versatile tool. Here is an attempt to create some abstract art with Digital mediums